HearToday Classroom Hearing Aid

HT1c Screening Audiometer

The HearToday Audiometer is a classroom screening audiometer and desktop hearing aid built in to one small orange box. It will be used to test the whole class and identify any child with hearing loss. Then for that child, while they are in the classroom, allow them to better understand their teachers for the first time. It does this without the need for scarce medical professionals and at a fraction of the price of traditional devices.

We started by developing a solution for less economically developed countries and designed the solution within the restrictions and limitation of that challenging market. e.g. lack of medically trained personnel, no clinics with sound proof rooms, and remote schools with no reliable system to get results to regional administrators.

Working within those limitations, we have developed a solution with significantly more advanced features than the existing screening audiometers on the market, at 10-25% of the price.

The current Audiometry equipment market is $4b per year and almost exclusively made up of sales in Europe and North America with no affordable solution on offer to the other 85% of the world.

The model ‘C’ audiometer is our first field-ready prototype and is being sent out for testing in the UK, Bulgaria, Gambia, and Sierra Leone. These trials and user testing feedback will be incorporated in to our first commercial version which we hope will be launched in the summer of 2015.

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