Hearing Loss is an Invisible Disability

  • Hearing Loss Invisable DIsability

Hearing loss in children is an invisible disability and easily confused with learning difficulties or lower IQ. Thats why affordable universal screening is so important.

Only 5% of hearing impaired have a profound loss that is easy to identify from a very early age, even without a hearing test.

Around 20% of hearing impaired have moderate loss which begins to show as a child takes longer to learn to speak and has more difficulty understanding instructions. The majority 75% have mild hearing loss which may not be noticed until the child gets to school for the first time. They will have learnt to speak later and arrive with a smaller vocabulary and in a noisy classroom without 1 to 1 adult communication for the first time, can get totally lost.

Also the frustration of trying to understand the teacher in this situation can be exhausting and leads to behavioural issues. It is very easy to appreciate how even the most attentive parents can assume that the child is just less clever than the other kids and getting a hearing test may not be their first action to help their child.

We believe every primary school child should have a hearing test when they start school and because the these early years at school are so critical, it should be simple as possible to continue screening for progressive or temporary hearing loss throughout the school year.

We make universal screening simple and affordable for all and take away to barriers to pain-free implementation. We automate admin tasks: anonymous test results uploaded directly to the cloud after every test, and notifications to parents and health authority automatically generated on school computers. Option to use traditional hardware and upload results via a mobile app or use our connected low cost audiometer that works without medical training and is reliable in the field.


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